Hills Fig - Tree or Hedge?

Posted on 24 June 2013 in News, Urban Forest Generally,

Hills Figs are, of course, magnificent trees; especially where space allows them to grow without constraint. It is difficult to think of Sydney’s Hyde Park for example without also thinking of the splendid avenue of large Hills Figs. In NSW these days they are rarely thought of as hedging or screening plants – as opposed to in Victoria, where they are used extensively and very effectively. Trees Impact regularly ships large numbers of them, purpose-grown as hedging, to Melbourne. Why not in Sydney?

Hills Figs were used there as hedging in the past and can still be seen at Sydney University along hundreds of metres of frontage in Parramatta and City Roads – doing a great job after at least 60 years. It is true that Sydney’s growing conditions mean that Hills Figs are too vigorous for use in confined spaces, but where there is space they make a grand hedge.

Hills Fig Hedging
300 Litre Hills Figs for Screening

At Trees Impact we have developed separate pruning and spacing regimes for Hills Figs destined to be magnificent trees and those purpose-grown as hedging. This ensures trees and hedge plants have optimal form and health to achieve their function when planted into the landscape.

Hills Figs Trees

400 Litre Hills Fig Trees

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