One of the Best Tree Farms in the World?!

Posted on 22 July 2013 in News,

Associate Professor Cathie Lavis, from the Department of Horticulture, Forestry & Recreation Resources at Kansas State University, recently contacted Ross Clark. Dr Lavis was bringing to Australia a study group of staff and students from the university and (following a recommendation from one of the founders of arboriculture in Australia) wanted to visit Trees Impact’s production nursery 'Karignan Plantation' for a first-hand look at our methods and practices. The visit took place earlier this year when, on behalf of the enthralled group, Dr Lavis said to Ross:

“We had an amazing time at Trees Impact - you are a walking encyclopaedia on growing trees.”

Kansas State University at Karignan Plantation
Kansas State University at Karignan Plantation

Tree quality and establishment challenges, common to urban forest managers in both the USA and Australia, were discussed. Ross demonstrated how Trees Impact goes about providing solutions for our clients. Everyone was clearly impressed by the quality of trees and commitment to successful tree planting outcomes demonstrated by Trees Impact.

“For years we have been urging growers in America to do what you are doing. This has to be one of the best tree farms in the world”

Associate Professor Cathie Lavis.

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