The lead supplier of all premium trees to Trees Impact is our associated production nursery, Karignan Plantation. It is situated near Sydney on a large property set up to accommodate tree production through all sizes. Given its dedicated focus on the production of semi-mature landscape trees only, its fit-for-purpose plant and equipment and its very stable, long-term, highly-qualified team, it is unique in Australia.

The business is triple accredited with a Quality Management System (AS/ISO 9001:2015) designed to consistently produce trees that comply with the industry's most stringent standard, a WHS Management System (AS/NZS 4801:2001) and an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015) all certified and audited annually.

With the exception of photos of 'Projects' in the galleries, all images on this site are from Karignan Plantation.

Inspections are always most welcome and give us the opportunity to physically demonstrate our operations and ethos.

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Our support growers add range and depth to the Trees Impact production capabilities. They have been carefully selected and submit to regular surveillance by members of our team to ensure that their production complies with our quality controls.

The collective capabilities, the management systems and the combined capacity of the Trees Impact Group is exceptional.

Karignan Plantation - Aerial View
Karignan Plantation - Aerial View