Nobody has been ever asked by us to provide testimonials.  These are a selection of genuine, spontaneous compliments from people we've dealt with in recent times.  All have been volunteered completely freely and 'out of the blue' as far as we are concerned.  For that reason we have not felt at liberty to publish the identities of these admirers other than by showing their positions in the landscape industry.  More information as to their authenticity can be supplied in the event of legitimate enquiry. 

Ross, I would like to thank you for taking the time to show us around your nursery site. It was great to see such exceptional stock.

Senior officer, regional botanic gardens

[Our company] is proud of our assistance provided to the City of Sydney to monitor mature trees in their parks and applauds the superb quality advanced trees propagated and nurtured by Trees Impact to replace existing trees within the urban forest as required. Such stock when encountered in parks are markedly different to the trees that came before and provide superior assets to sustain and enhance the urban environment.

Director/Principal Consultant - Consulting arborists group

Ross and Jim, I just wanted to thank you both for your hospitality with my visit to your nursery when I was in NSW last week. It was great to see your very interesting operation and discuss with you both how you do things. You've got a great set up and the quality of the trees that you are producing is a credit to your whole team.

Visiting NZ specialist grower of large landscape trees

Your trees are as close to perfect as I have ever seen.

Visiting Senior American Landscape Architect

The benchmark has been set. I doubt anyone else will come close to this.

Selection officer for leading east coast plant wholesaler

Ross, the delivery and unloading went smoothly yesterday. I can’t commend the driver highly enough, he was utterly brilliant and made our job so much easier.

Project Manager, Sydney/International Landscape Contractors

Thank you all for your supportive services throughout the year. Special thanks for always giving [our] Council staff all possible assistance in selecting quality trees. As a result of your groundbreaking work in developing the NATSPEC guidelines [our Council] has been able to meet one of its Best Practice Tree Management targets - ie to procure high quality trees for public domain planting.

City Arborist, Major NSW City Council.

Because compliance with NATSPEC is the key driver for them, my clients are keen to buy from you.

Designer/Arborist for City Council Commemorative Tree Planting

I have never seen rootballs as good as that and doubt anyone else here has either.

Queensland Arborist

Your Ficus obliqua are some of the best trees I have planted in the last 28 years.

Senior Arborist, Major City Parkland

Without doubt the best tree farm I've ever visited

Brisbane Landscape Architect

For years we have been urging growers in America to do what you are doing. This has to be one of the best tree farms in the world.

Visiting Associate Professor, Kansas State University

We have six growers on our approved suppliers list, three of which we don’t use. Of the three regular suppliers, two regularly have trees sent back. Trees Impact is the only supplier whose trees we never need to send back.

General Manager, Major City Landscape Contractors

Ross, I would also like to thank yourself and Jim for your great service and quality plant material. We get nothing but compliments about the trees that are supplied by Trees Impact.

Manager, Horticultural Estate, Major City Parkland

Thanks for the excellent tree stocks. We really appreciate the advice and service provide by Trees Impact throughout the process of the project.

Sydney Landscape Architect