Contract Supply

Increasingly, the designers and developers of important projects recognise the need to secure supply of their bigger trees long before planting. Rather than bundling their supply in with the civil or landscape contract, it is only sensible to address tree supply at the start of the project, or sooner. Otherwise, when the time comes for last-minute shopping the trees needed simply will not exist leading to disappointment and the need for major compromises. And, very importantly, you have no real control of the standard of trees to be planted into your project. So:

  • Do not pass responsibility for important trees down the line. Select the best grower and deal directly with that grower.
  • Because the bigger trees will take longer to grow than the smaller plants, separate them out of general plant supply and secure them under a grow-on contract as early as possible. Contracts for smaller plants can be staged as the design process evolves.
  • Set the standard high. The Australian Standard AS 2303:2018 for trees is Australia's, if not the world's, most rigorous standard.
  • Recognise that good big trees take years to produce from specially selected and managed starter stock, so be guided by reputation and confidence rather than price alone.

Trees Impact has a long and unblemished history of growing bespoke trees for small and large, often iconic, Australian projects.