Rootballs on Show - A Look Below the Surface

Posted on 28 July 2013 in Root Systems,

Following a series of slides showing rootballs of some Trees Impact stock displayed at a recent workshop for the Queensland Arboricultural Association in Cleveland [conducted by Ross Clark from Trees Impact] one delegate made the comment:

“I have never seen rootballs as good as that and doubt anyone else here has either”.

It is really nice and encouraging to get such feedback because at Trees Impact we have spent most of our 20 years in operation focusing on the production of root systems that were both well structured and well divided – for all species produced*.

That work has lead to rootballs that consistently conform with the NATSPEC specification and provide the tree with the best possible start in life.

Tuckeroo Rootball - Pressure Blasted

Tuckeroo Rootball - Pressure Blasted

Here at Trees Impact, we tend to take beautiful root systems for granted.  But what we achieve seems to come as a bit of a surprise to others – and it is only when our standards are put on display, for the industry at large, that we are reminded of that.

* We regularly audit our work by agressively attacking some of our production stock to make sure our systems are working.  We are gathering together images of some of the results of these investigations and will display them in due course.  In the meantime just one image of a rootball from our production is included here.  Note the structure, direction and root density.  This is how the rootballs of nursery-grown trees should look; but it takes a lot of specialised work to achieve it - beyond the capabilities and/or willingness of almost all growers except Trees Impact - but it can be done!.

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