Why Trees Impact


Trees Impact is Australia's only truly specialised supplier of high-impact, semi-mature containerised trees.  
We pioneered and remain the acknowledged leaders in the nursery production of big Australian native species - because, since 1993, we have been totally dedicated to growing high-impact landscape trees – and nothing else.

Quality/WHS/Environmental Management

Trees Impact, through our associated production nursery Karignan Plantation, grows its trees under a fully documented Quality Management System (AS/ISO 9001:2015) developed specifically around compliance with what is now AS 2303:2018, as well as fully documented Work Health & Safety (AS/NZS 4801:2001) and Environmental (ISO 14001:2015) Management Systems. All systems are continuously maintained and audited by an external,fully-qualified lead auditor for quality, safety and environmental standards.

The home of NATSPEC and AS2303:2018

Trees Impact created the ‘NATSPEC Specification for Landscape Trees’ which has now evolved into Australian Standard AS 2303:2018 and pioneered production methods to consistently meet what is the world’s most rigorous standard – now accepted as the Australian benchmark.


Trees Impact is widely acknowledged, amongst those qualified to measure excellence in trees, as suppliers of Australia's highest quality advanced trees - evidenced by the glowing endorsements that regularly arrive from customers and visitors (all volunteered without any request or encouragement from us). See Testimonials


Trees Impact has been in business for twenty eight years in 2020.  Our six senior personnel have tertiary qualifications in forestry, horticulture and business. Collectively they have 150 years of training and hands-on experience in the production and supply of premium landscape trees. See People, History and Projects.

World's Best Practice

All trees are grown wholly by us from seed, cuttings or tube stock only; always under our direct control at Karignan Plantation.  Good root systems is the unseen but critical component in trees. At Trees Impact, in the case of all trees produced, the rootball is carefully root pruned through every stage of production and, throughout production, the vast majority are grown in containers with air-pruning bases to achieve vigorous and structurally-sound root systems. World’s best practice!

Quality Does Matter

Not all trees are equal. Flaws in young trees always remain and never go away.  So, how trees behave after planting is determined by their history prior to planting, with implications for their future vigour, structure, stability, attractiveness and safety; their success or failure.

Quality Control.

Before leaving the nursery, our trees all undergo a comprehensive pre-delivery quality check to ensure AS 2303:2018 compliance – as a matter of course and without extra charge. See why you should only buy the best trees available.

Service and Support

We support our product! Whenever and wherever possible with advice, training and back-up, before buying, before planting and after planting - whatever it takes to make your tree-planting project a success. For confirmation and assurance of our commitment in this regard, we encourage customers to 'ask around'.

In Summary

After nearly 30 years, our reputation for quality landscape trees is unrivalled.  Our staff and directors are stable, committed and hugely experienced.   Our customer service and support is prompt, thorough and reliable at all times.