Potting Up Trees When Delivery Deferred

  • It is widely known and well established that when trees become too big for their containers they begin to deteriorate. ‘Potting up’ involves increasing the size of the container in which plants are to be held and then managing them until established in those new containers.
  • At Trees Impact the potting up of sold trees is done only after the nominated delivery date has passed, the trees are becoming oversized for their containers, we determine that it is important for the ongoing health and development of the tree that it be potted up to a new container and we have given the Customer notice of the intention to do so.
  • After potting up, plants will require a period of time before again being ready for delivery (to allow time for them to become ‘established’ – ie for their root systems to occupy the new container volume and the trees to achieve a physical size appropriate for their new containers). This period will vary according to climate, species and management but it will normally be several months. Clearer estimates will be given at the time. No holding fees apply during this period. If, later, when the plants have established in their new containers, delivery continues to be deferred then holding fees may again arise but now based on the potted up size.
  • If it becomes essential that the Customer have the trees before they have established in their new containers, special arrangements can be made in most cases. These will be determined at the time having regard to the trees’ level of development, compliance with specification and aspects of transport, planting, aftercare.
  • The cost implications are that the price of the trees will increase to a figure then appropriate for the bigger tree according to their new container size, and transport costs may need to increase also.