Supply of Trees to Sydney’s Light Rail project

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Japanese Elm (Zelkova serrata 'green vase') George St Light Rail
Japanese Elm (Zelkova serrata ‘green vase’) George St Light Rail

The Sydney Light Rail project was a very big deal. The engineering works and logistics involved were extraordinary. While the trees needed would only represent a miniscule percentage of the total costs involved, as is commonly the case, they play a major role in how the project presents. Given our reputation for excellence, Trees Impact were contracted to supply 130 x big Japanese Elms, with these trees being planted in 2019/2020.

Client OrganisationAcciona Ltd in association with the City of Sydney
Contract TypeContract – to Grow trees to order and supply when called for.
Scope of ContractGrow on and supply of 130 Zelkova serrata “Green Vase” in 600 litre sizes to follow the new light rail through Sydney CBD from Town Hall to Circular Quay. Additionally, supply a range of other species in different sizes to other parts of the light rail project from 2015 – 2021.