Field Guide for Watering Newly-Planted Trees

Posted on 18 May 2017 in Planting/Establishment,

The following table gives suggested water application rates, frequency, and duration based on the best information available. It’s important to remember that these and actual water needs will vary according to a range of site conditions and species.  Please also remember these suggested rates are broad estimates only. Always carefully monitor the trees in your project(s), paying particular attention to drainage and leaf droop, and vary as needed.
  • All recommendations assume that the water is applied slowly, directly, and effectively to the rootball (see ‘Make Sure Your New Trees Thrive’).
  • Suggested rates are less than ideal. They are intended to be achievable while,  hopefully, still effective. Please use them as a base to build on rather than something to  strive for.
  • And the recommendations are ‘general’. Less water may be required for drought tolerant species, more for species with high water demands. Similarly, rainfall, drainage etc may result in  lesser or higher water demands.
  • Monitor the irrigation regularly – especially in heavy clay soils where poor drainage can  pose a major problem.
  • For more information and explanation that informed the preparation of this table see   ‘Watering Newly Planted Trees' .

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