Holding Trees When Delivery is Deferred

Posted on 28 June 2019 in Customer Information,

(Based on NGIA Recommended Best Practice 2017)

Holding Fees

  • Holding Fees are levied and payable monthly to Trees Impact (the “Supplier”) to cover the ongoing care and maintenance costs when trees are ready but delivery is delayed.
  • Holding Fees are payable to the Supplier only when:
    - plants on order are ready for delivery;
    - the nominated delivery period has expired; and
    - delivery has been deferred by the Customer.
  • If plants are ready for delivery and the whole or part of the order is delayed for more than 30 days beyond the nominated delivery date, then the customer will be contacted to arrange ongoing holding and management of undelivered plants (including the possible need to pot the plants up to bigger containers) having regard to their continuing quality and well-being in the light of updated delivery expectations.
  • The duration of Holding Fees will depend on the particular plants and the Customer’s project timing. As a guide, depending on the seasons (eg including over winter) indicative maximum holding periods for various plant sizes after they have reached readiness for delivery could possibly be in the order of three to five months; but often much less depending on circumstances. After that time, if not planted or moved to bigger containers, they will begin to deteriorate. See ‘Potting Up Trees When Delivery is Deferred
  • Monthly Holding Fees will be incurred and payable monthly in accordance with the rates shown in the table below.
  • Plants delivered on or before the 11th of any month will be exempt from charges for that month; plants delivered after the 11th of the month will incur holding charges for the whole month.

Holding Fees for Delays

Plant Size Price per plant/month*
150/200L $29
300L $40
400L $45
500L $55
600L $65
700L $75
800L $90
900L $105
1000L $125
1200L $145
1500L $175
2000L $210


*All prices quoted above are ex GST

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